$ 20,000 is just the beginning – Bitcoin’s historic uptrend

Bitcoin is currently unstoppable. Why digital currency is well on the way to trading beyond $ 100,000 in 2021.

On Wednesday, December 16 of this year, the time had come: Bitcoin System app exceeded the 20,000 US dollar (USD) mark for the first time in its history. This means that everyone who has invested in BTC was in the green without exception. Accordingly, there was high spirits on the short message service Twitter. Even Edward Snowden is now on board.

The number 1 cryptocurrency has been up 186 percent since the beginning of the year. Those who follow the crypto market less closely are inclined to dismiss the latest price developments as pure bubbles similar to the 2017 crypto hype.

In contrast to 2017, the current price developments are fundamentally justified. Take a look at Google Search Trends, for example. Bitcoin-related search queries soared at the end of 2017 when BTC in similar spheres was trading in a very short space of time. All media reported that the market, as we know in retrospect, was overheated and could not bear the onslaught of crypto adventurers. Today: emptiness.

In addition, the 2017 rally was even more exorbitant than this year. In 2017, the “Orange Coin” rose from around USD 1,000 to just under USD 20,000 – a gain of 2,000 percent. It is not surprising that this was too much of a good thing even for the volatile cryptocurrency.

Where is the journey going ?

In fact, Bitcoin behaves amazingly predictably. If you use the stock-to-flow model , for example , you almost get scared. Because the precision with which PlanB predicts the rise of new money is almost unbelievable.

The current course activity is therefore most comparable to 2016. Because even then the Bitcoin inflation rate halved and the price moved slowly but surely towards the all-time high of 1,100 US dollars established in December 2013. If you continue to apply the template from previous cycles, we should see a bull market next year that dwarfs everything. Because although the crypto currency No. 1 has repeatedly corrected sharply, the long-term trend is as clear as day: it goes northwards.

Let’s assume that Bitcoin grows at the same rate as a year after the last halving, i.e. 2017, the price would be 400,000 US dollars at the end of 2021. That sounds hair-dusting. But if you consider that Bitcoin has already experienced such price jumps twice in its history, this idea seems a bit more realistic.

PlanB predicts USD 288,000 per bitcoin

PlanB itself predicts a rate of at least USD 288,000 with its S2F model. The Winklevoss brothers also see Bitcoin on a par with gold. If BTC reaches the gold market capitalization of around USD 9 trillion, the price would be beyond USD 500,000.

But it is also clear that Bitcoin always needs more fresh capital for further growth. Because with 900 BTC that are emitted every day, it only takes a purchase pressure of 18 million USD just to maintain the current price level. On the other hand, if you consider that more and more Bitcoiners are withdrawing their coins from exchanges and companies are now running into debt in order to buy new BTC, the shortage in the market could provide new price highlights.

These are all staggering numbers that have the potential to help individual actors achieve sheer incredible wealth. Nothing is guaranteed. But if you do not recognize that Bitcoin is in a historical upward trend, which can certainly lead to adventurous courses, you are not looking properly. One thing is clear, however: 2021 will be a wild ride.

Ethereum’s DeFi, at the right price – 1inch, the ideal gateway to test decentralized finance

The story of 1inch – Decentralized finance is often presented as a monetary Lego. Thus, some protocols have managed to take advantage of the interoperability of the Ethereum network. Among them, we find 1inch, the DEX aggregator which always allows to obtain the best rates on the market.

What is 1inch?

1inch is an aggregator protocol for decentralized exchanges . To put it simply, 1inch references many decentralized exchanges and other sources of liquidity. When a user wishes to make a trade, 1inch redirects him to the DEX with the best rate , while optimizing gas costs .

Where does 1inch come from?

Since the start of 2019 , decentralized exchange platforms have succeeded in conquering more and more users. Indeed, these have long been neglected by users because of their lack of practicality, their complex use and their disappointing results.

Thus, this growing adoption has mainly been driven by the emergence of numerous Automated Market Maker (AMM) type platforms . Unlike decentralized order book exchanges , AMMs offer new ways of trading cryptocurrency, via liquidity pools .

In practice, it is the proliferation of these platforms that gave the idea of ​​1inch to its founders Anton Bukov and Sergej Kunz . The project finally materialized during the ETHNewYork hackathon , which took place in May 2019 .

Subsequently, the craze around decentralized exchanges has continued to increase throughout 2020 . As a result, the 1inch protocol has also benefited from this wave of new users and has positioned itself as the number 1 aggregator .

Team, audits and funding

Initially, 1inch was a project led by its two co-founders, Anton Bukov and Sergej Kunz . Subsequently, our two associates were able to federate around them a team of developers, such as Petr Korolev, Mikhail Melnik and “Kirill” .

Since its creation, the 1inch protocol has been audited on numerous occasions, by companies such as Chainsulting or PepperSec . It is notably thanks to these audits that 1inch has been able to gain the trust of the DeFi community .

In August 2020 , the protocol led to a fundraiser of $ 2.8 million , in which big names such as Binance Labs participated. More recently, the platform again raised $ 12 million through a successful second round.

Chi Token and Mooniswap

The 1inch project does not stop at the eponymous protocol. Thus, in May 2020 , the protocol launched the “Chi” token which is part of the “gas tokens” family .

In practice, “gas tokens” are a way of tokenizing gas . This token allows users to buy gas when its price is low. The gas is thus “stored” in the form of the Chi token . The latter can then be used during a transaction at a time when the costs would be higher.

“GasToken is a more liquid form of gas because it can be purchased and stored at times when gas is cheap and released (spent / burned) when gas is expensive.”

Bitcoin-Minenarbeiter in Yunnan haben gerade den Zugang zu Elektrizität verloren

Die chinesischen Behörden in der Provinz Yunnan haben vor kurzem die örtlichen Stromversorger angewiesen, den BTC-Minenarbeitern den Strom abzuschalten.
Lokale Krypto berichtete von gemeinsamen Sperrverfügungen, die die lokalen Stromversorger erhielten.
Die Provinz Yunnan ist die viertgrößte Quelle für die Hash-Rate in China und für 5,42% der weltweiten Hash-Rate verantwortlich.

Die Behörden der chinesischen Provinz Yunnan beschlossen, ihre Bemühungen gegen die Bergarbeiter von Bitcoin (BTC) zu verstärken, indem sie die Stromproduzenten anweisen, die Stromversorgung einzustellen. Eine Reihe von Bergarbeitern wandte sich an den chinesischen Journalisten Colin Wu und überbrachte die an die Stromversorger gerichteten Sperranweisungen.

Chinesische Provinz befiehlt Stromfirmen, Krypto-Minenarbeiter abzuschalten
Trotz Chinas Bemühungen um die Einführung einer lokalen digitalen Währung und seiner noch relativ neuen Wertschätzung der Blockkettentechnologie hat sich das Land nie wirklich für Bitcoin und andere dezentrale Kryptowährungen geöffnet.

Dennoch ist das Land nach wie vor das größte Krypto-Mining-Zentrum der Welt. Viele fragen sich jedoch, ob sich das angesichts all der Schritte, die das Land gegen seine Bergleute unternommen hat, bald ändern wird.

Erst gestern teilte der örtliche Krypto-Reporter Colin Wu zahlreiche Verbotsverfügungen mit, die chinesische Stromversorger aus der Provinz Yunnan von der Regierung erhalten haben.

Den eingescannten Kopien der offiziellen Dokumente zufolge haben die Behörden der Stadt Baoshan einen neuen Vorstoß gegen die Bergleute unternommen und die Stromversorger angewiesen, den Bergleuten den Strom abzuschalten. Wu ist jedoch der Ansicht, dass das Verbot möglicherweise von lokalen Wirtschaftsinteressen beeinflusst wurde, was bedeutet, dass der Schritt nicht gemacht wurde, um der Krypto-Minenindustrie zu schaden.

Er betont, dass es keinen Grund gebe, die Auswirkungen des Vorfalls zu überschätzen.

Dies ist nicht das erste Mal, dass die Behörden von Yunnan gegen Bergarbeiter vorgehen.
Interessanterweise kommt das Verbot genau zu dem Zeitpunkt, als die weltweite Hash-Rate innerhalb von 24 Stunden um rund 10% sank. Der BECI (Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index) der Universität Cambridge zeigt, dass Yunnan nach der Hash-Rate im Bergbau tatsächlich die viertgrößte Region Chinas ist.

Dennoch macht sie immer noch 42% der weltweiten Hash-Rate aus. Damit ist Yunnan immer noch größer als so ziemlich alle Länder mit Ausnahme von vier – dem Rest Chinas, den USA, Kasachstan und Russland.

Was die Regierung von Yunnan betrifft, so hat sie auch in der Vergangenheit Schritte gegen Bergarbeiter unternommen. So ordnete sie beispielsweise im Juni 2020 die Schließung von bis zu 64 nicht genehmigten Bergbaubetrieben an. Damals behauptete die Regierung, sie habe Sicherheitsrisiken und Steuerhinterziehung erkannt.

Im selben Monat geriet auch eine der Bitcoin-Minen in Brand, was dazu führte, dass Tausende von Einheiten verbrannten. Davor, am 29. Mai, explodierte ein Wasserkraftwerk in Yunnan. Dabei wurden fünf Menschen verletzt, während sechs Menschen ihr Leben verloren.


Filecoin storage exceeds 1 billion GB while launching wFIL for use in the DeFi ecosystem

Anchorage and Tokensoft have launched wFIL, a wrapping protocol that allows Filecoin to be used in Ethereum.

Crypto coin infrastructure providers Anchorage and Tokensoft have teamed up to „wrap“ FIL, the native token of the FIlecoin decentralised archive storage network, for use at the Ethereum.

The companies announced wFIL on 23 November, promoting its use in decentralised financial applications such as Compound, Maker and Uniswap. Filecoin ecosystem leader Colin Evra said:

„Wrapped Filecoin will enable some really creative DeFi products that create huge opportunities for miners and Filecoin storage users.
The launch of Ethereum 2.0 was confirmed for December 1st, a few hours before the deadline
The news came on the same day that Filecoin announced that the dedicated storage capacity of its global mining community has exceeded one exbibyte, equivalent to more than one billion gigabytes.

According to the announcement, Filecoin’s capacity could store 4,500 Wikipedias, 290 million 1080p quality movies, and 19 copies of the entire Internet Archive.

Filecoin is a decentralized and untrusted storage network that Crowd Millionaire offers incentives to miners who provide storage capacity on the network. The network hopes to attract developers and websites that will pay FIL in exchange for access to Filecoin storage or hosted data.

ETH 2.0 will be launched on December 1 after a late surge in deposits
Filecoin’s Discover function allows its miners to select datasets covering literature, science, art and history to mobilize unused storage capacity to house them and make them accessible to the public. The datasets include the Berkeley Self-Driving Data, a copy of the Wikipedia database, and The International Genome Sample Resource’s 1000 Genomes Project.

The team describes the milestone as „solidifying FIlecoin’s position as a legitimate challenge to cloud storage giants such as AWS [Amazon Web Services], Google Cloud and Dropbox“. Colin Evra stated:

„Our goal was to build an Alexandria Library for humanity’s most precious knowledge, one that could never be burned […] Filecoin’s mission to create a decentralised, efficient and robust base for humanity’s information is now a reality.
An Ethereum-based platform introduces a new CAD
On 24 November, Filecoin also announced that it had partnered with the Huobi crypt coin exchange to launch the Huobi-Filecoin Incubation Centre. The centre, which will be supported by a $10 million fund, will focus on blockchain incubation, investment and community development.

Filecoin currently has over 670 active miners and has over 90 organisations that rely on its network.

A Viagem Nunca Termina, Só o Bastão Muda! Aqui está a reação à ré do BTC, XRP, XLM Rallies

Os touros estavam em alvoroço em todos os cantos do mercado

24 de novembro de 2020 será um dia memorável na história para as moedas Bitcoin e Alternative cryptocurrencies, Altcoins. Os touros estavam em todos os cantos do mercado, a Bitcoin (BTC) subiu para $19.449 enquanto a Altcoins subiu por três dígitos para os novos máximos de 2020.

O Bitcoin foi apenas um dia mais alto na história neste dia. Ripple (XRP) e Stellar (XLM) lideraram a nova „Alt Season“ com ganhos semanais de mais de 100%.

Em 24 de novembro, o preço do XRP subiu quase 50%, subindo para US$ 0,92 na Coinbase. A demanda aumentou a ponto de causar o fechamento temporário da Coinbase, o que coincidiu com uma queda nos preços BTC e ETH. Nos comícios de Bitcoin e Altcoins, o comerciante Scott Melker declarou:

„Domínio da Bitcoin. Caso você estivesse se perguntando, isto é o que se parece com a estação alt. Bastante reminiscente de 2017. Os Alts têm uma breve janela para festejar, depois você volta ao Bitcoin, ele se enfurece. Enxaguar, repetir,‘

Ele acrescentou ainda: „Nossa semana de alt euforia foi incrível“. Agora esperamos e vemos“.

Bitcoin e Ethereum geralmente roubam as luzes da ribalta após ações de preços impressionantes, dados do fornecedor de dados de análise social TheTIE mostra que as Altcoins de tampa menor também estão fazendo algumas ondas sérias. Ele observou que os volumes de tweet para Altcoins selecionados aumentaram e muitos Altcoins perceberam ganhos em seus pares BTC, USD, e USDT.

A Viagem Nunca Termina, Só o Bastão Muda!

Depois de um impressionante comício da Bitcoin, o principal ativo pode se consolidar brevemente ou até mesmo re-testar os suportes inferiores. Historicamente, nestas situações, os fundos fluem para a Altcoins e fazem com que eles subam de nível. Se o preço da Bitcoin se consolidar nos próximos dias, esta tendência pode se repetir entre os investidores, ampliando assim o rally atual visto entre a Altcoins.

Antes do BTC subir mais de US$ 19.000, um comerciante com o moniker „Salsa Tekila“ declarou que quando a Altcoins esfriar, os lucros provavelmente voltariam para o BTC. Ele disse:

„A BTC tem estado empatando por alguns dias, enquanto o dinheiro está derramando em Alts. Isso não é mau para a BTC“. Estamos nos consolidando por um tempo abaixo dos 19 mil dólares, realisticamente acredito que provavelmente vamos quebrar o maldito nível. Quando? Provavelmente quando os altcoins esfriarem e as pessoas voltarem a vender em bitcoin“.

Há uma forte possibilidade de que a tendência de lucros da Altcoins ciclando para Bitcoin continue no curto prazo. Se isso acontecer, o mercado Altcoin provavelmente estagnará enquanto a BTC mostra um forte impulso.

Brian Kelly, comerciante de dinheiro rápido da CNBC, observou que o rally da Altcoins lembrava a mania da Altcoin de janeiro de 2018, quando a BTC começou a recuar e a Altcoins se recuperou, então todo o mercado caiu em conjunto nos meses que se seguiram. Com base nisso, ele está vendo um potencial top de 19.000 dólares. Isto ele disse:

„Mais do que qualquer outra classe de ativos no mundo, Bitcoin está sujeito à FOMO mais do que qualquer outra coisa. Estamos começando a ver moedas especulativas, moedas que estão abaixo de $5, começam a subir de 30% a 40% por dia. Esses são os tipos de coisas que acontecem no curto a médio prazo“.

Em Bitcoin atingindo uma alta de $20k, Matt Blom, o diretor de vendas globais da Equos Exchange, disse isto:

„A Bitcoin está se concentrando em reivindicar uma nova alta de todos os tempos e parece altamente improvável que, tendo chegado tão perto, ela não consiga bater o recorde de 2017. Com a falta de níveis de resistência acima da média, os pensamentos se voltam para o próximo alvo chave em alta. Usando os níveis de retração Fibonacci, vemos $29.100 como a meta, com um movimento de 1.618 de $4.644 para $19.447 pontos de preço como nossa base“.

O CEO da CryptoQuant Ki-Young Ju disse que, embora alguns recuos possam acontecer, provavelmente $20.000 seriam ultrapassados. Ele disse:

„Os mercados OTC ainda estão ativos. A relação de fluxo de fundos $BTC atingiu o mínimo de três anos há alguns dias. Apenas 3% das transações são utilizadas para depósitos/saques de câmbio na rede. Poderíamos ter correções, mas acho que acabaria por quebrar 20k“.

Top 3 crypto staking: 25% to 35% annual return accessible to all

At a time when traditional finance does not offer any attractive savings solution, some are working behind the scenes to revive a heritage construction worthy of the name. Despite the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, the bright future promised to the industry today makes it possible to capitalize on certain projects with the possibilities of exceptional passive income.

Altcoins haven’t said their last words

Difficult to predict future market fluctuations. One thing is certain, the cycles are linked but are not alike. Taking a position in a digital asset is no longer sufficient today. Most POS protocols offer passive income that not only allows you to benefit from rising prices, but also to generate interest rates that can exceed 30%.

Author of a complete offer bringing together Masternodes, Mining and Staking. Just Mining is in pole position to allow investors to benefit from a future improvement in altcoins.

The crazy returns: between 25% and 35% annually

1. Synthetix: 34.5% per year – Le Pari DeFi

Emblematic figure of the DeFi crypto scene, Kain Warwick, has made Synthetix the cornerstone of decentralized finance .

Thanks to its asset synthesis proposal , SNX is in a pole position to democratize the trading of traditional synthetic assets, such as gold or equities on traditional markets.

2. Polkadot: 10% annually – The big winner of the 2021/2022 cycle?

While the evolution of Ethereum 2.0 gives rise to questions. After three years of development, a new heavyweight in cryptocurrencies is creating the sensation.

Relying on an ecosystem of developers provided, Polkadot is seen as an outsider in the race for the protocols that will govern the future Web 3.0. The project is today the ninth crypto capitalization.

3. Matic: from 25% to 35% annually – A historic protocol

Matic aroused enormous enthusiasm when it was launched in 2019.

Considered a major competitor of Ethereum, Matic promises to facilitate a new wave of adoption through the use of its “Plasma Side Chains” and operation in POS, drastically improving the scalability of its blockchain.

L’offre Just Mining

No more insurmountable entry barriers, Just Mining offers the possibility for everyone to enjoy interest rates exceeding 30% per year . Thanks to an all-in-one platform, a minimum investment of a few tens of euros will suffice to start staking.

Bitcoin (BTC) hviler på 100-dagers MA på Trumps Positive COVID19 Test

  • Det er en annen påfølgende dag for Bitcoin i kryptomarkedene da president Trump tester positivt for COVID19
  • Nyheten kommer mindre enn 24 timer etter at CFTC og DoJ siktet Bitmex og dets grunnleggere for ulovlig drift av en derivatutveksling og brudd på bankhemmelighetsloven
  • Bitcoin hviler for tiden på det 100-dagers glidende gjennomsnittet når kryptoverset fordøyer nyhetene

Bitcoin (BTC) har blitt bombardert av den andre dagen med sjokkerende nyheter med president Trump som testet positivt for Coronavirus. President Trump offentliggjorde sin diagnose tidligere i dag via Twitter og forklarte at førstedame Melania Trump også testet positivt for COVID19 og begge var under karantene i Det hvite hus.

Nedenfor er tweeten fra president Trump som varsler verden om sin positive COVID19-test.

Nyhetene kommer mindre enn 24 timer etter at Bitmex ble belastet av CFTC

Nyheten om at president Trump testet positivt for Coronavirus kommer mindre enn 24 timer etter at Bitmex og dets eiere ble siktet av CFTC og det amerikanske justisdepartementet for å drive en ulovlig derivatutveksling og brudd på bankhemmelighetsloven.

Som et resultat av Bitmex / CFTC / DoJ-nyheter, falt Bitcoin fra $ 10,900-nivåer til $ 10,400-støtteområdet.

Da nyheten om president Trump testet positivt for Coronavirus, hadde Bitcoin nettopp klart å komme seg til prisnivået på $ 10 600. Bitcoin falt deretter til $ 10 371 – Binance rate – etter at verden ble varslet om president Trumps diagnose.

Bitcoin hviler på 100-dagers glidende gjennomsnitt

Så langt som reaksjonene går, har Bitcoin klart begge nyhetshendelsene ganske bra etter å ha falt totalt $ 600 til det nylige lavpunktet på $ 10 371. Videre har kongen av Crypto siden fått tilbake foten over $ 10,400 støtteområdet til den nåværende prisen på $ 10,542 – Binance rate.

Når det gjelder støtte, gir Bitcoins 100-dagers glidende gjennomsnitt noe selvtillit i det minste på kort sikt. Dette kan sees i diagrammet nedenfor.

Også fra diagrammet kan følgende observeres.

  • Handelsvolumet er i rødt som indikerer salg
  • Den daglige MACD viser svakhet under baseline
  • Den daglige MFI indikerer også salg på sitt nåværende nivå på 40
  • Det 200-dagers glidende gjennomsnittet (grønt) er et annet område med sterk støtte som sammenfaller med prisområdet $ 9 300 – $ 9 700

Best å være forsiktig med Bitcoin

Avslutningsvis, og med tanke på at Bitcoin er sterkt korrelert med S&P 500, kan det være lurt å se på kryptomarkedene langt borte de neste en eller to dagene.

Omvendt kan de som er komfortable med å kortslutte Bitcoin og altcoins i kryptomarkedene gjøre det med tanke på at Bitcoin kan prøve å gjenvinne prisområdet $ 10 600 i det minste på kort sikt.

I tillegg ønsker Ethereum World News president Trump og førstedame Melania Trump, en rask bedring.

Verveeld met Bitcoin prijs, handelaren zoeken altcoins en DeFi tokens

De prijs van Bitcoin is vergrendeld en ligt vast onder 11.000 dollar, wat ertoe leidt dat handelaren op zoek gaan naar groenere weiden in altcoins en DeFi-munten.

Gebonden aan de Bitcoin-prijs, zijn handelaren op zoek naar winst in altcoins en DeFi-munten.

Sinds enkele weken is de prijs van Bitcoin (BTC) in een range van US$ 850 gestegen en recentelijk heeft de prijs de trend van hogere dagelijkse lows hervat.

Nog slechts 2,5 miljoen Bitcoins te ontginnen
Toch blijft 11.000 dollar een obstakel dat de prijs met moeite heeft overwonnen, maar een positief aspect is dat de altcoins een aantal van de zware verliezen van de afgelopen weken beginnen te herstellen.

Momentopname van de dagelijkse marktprestaties in cryptocijfers

Dagelijkse momentopname van de marktprestaties van cryptomeda. Bron: Coin360

De wekelijkse tijdspanne toont sterke steun van $10.000-$10.500 en als Cointelegraph medewerker Rakesh Upadhyay merkte op:

Misschien dat nu de Bitcoin CME-opties zonder grote onderbrekingen zijn gesloten en een nieuwe maand begint, de prijs van Bitcoin zou kunnen stijgen en uiteindelijk de 11.000 dollar weerstand zou kunnen elimineren.

De toename van het volume van de decentrale uitwisselingen suggereert dat de DeFi-waanzin nog niet voorbij is.
Het wekelijkse schema toont sterke steun van $10.000 tot $10.500 en, zoals Cointelegraph medewerker Rakesh Upadhyay opmerkte:

„Stieren hebben consequent onder 10.000 dollar gekocht en dit psychologisch belangrijke niveau kan nu fungeren als een vloer voor de lancering van de volgende fase van de opwaartse trend.“

Zoals de grafiek laat zien, is $11.000-$11.200 een moeilijk te overwinnen gebied en risk averse traders verwachten waarschijnlijk dat de $12.000 zal verschuiven van resistentie naar support voordat ze nieuwe posities openen.

BTC/USDT weekkaart

BTC/USDT weekkaart. Bron: TradingView

Hoewel $10.000 een solide niveau van ondersteuning is gebleven sinds de prijs een dubbele bodem bereikte bij $9.800, is een verder bezoek aan de VPVR-node met een hoog volume van $9.500 mogelijk als de BTC het patroon van hogere dalen onder de stijgende trendlijn van $10.100 doorbreekt.

Dit lijkt onwaarschijnlijk gezien het feit dat de stieren de afgelopen twee weken het $10K-niveau met vrij veel kracht hebben verdedigd.

BTC/USDT Dagkaart

BTC/USDT-dagkaart. Bron: TradingView

Uiteindelijk is er niet veel veranderd en blijft de prijs van Bitcoin gewoon langzaam stijgen. In het geval van een aanhoudende buy-in van de stieren, zou de prijs van Bitcoin de weerstand van $11K kunnen opdrijven om een hoge prijs boven de $11.400 te proberen.

Zoals blijkt uit de dagelijkse periode, op 3 september, daalde de prijs van Bitcoin met 13,3% van $11.400 en het hoge volume VPVR-knooppunt op dit niveau suggereert dat het nu zal werken als een weerstand.

Bitcoin-prijs dagelijkse prestaties

De dagelijkse prijsprestaties van Bitcoin. Bron: Coin360

Terwijl de prijs van Bitcoin blijft consolideren, zijn de altcoins iets meer gestegen. Op het moment van schrijven steeg de Polkadot (DOT) met 4,99%, het OMG-netwerk (OMG) met 25,18% en de Maker (MKR) met 6,09%.

Volgens CoinMarketCap bedraagt de totale marktkapitalisatie van cryptomappen nu US$ 343,7 miljard en de Bitcoin-dominantie-index bedraagt momenteel 57,5%.


  • Bitcoin sta attualmente esprimendo alcuni immensi segnali di forza, dato che il suo prezzo supera i 10.600 dollari
  • Questo segna una rottura decisiva al di sopra del livello di resistenza di 10.500 dollari che in precedenza ne sopprimeva l’azione di prezzo
  • Poiché i tori sono riusciti a rompere sopra questo sforzo questa mattina, sembra che il cryptocurrency di riferimento possa essere ben posizionato per vedere più ulteriormente al rialzo nelle prossime ore e giorni.
  • La prossima regione di interesse per i tori si situa intorno agli 11.000 dollari, poiché una rottura ferma al di sopra di questo livello sarebbe estremamente rialzista
  • Un analista sta indicando una serie di fattori che indicano che BTC potrebbe essere pronta a muoversi verso questa regione di prezzo

La Bitcoin e l’intero mercato dei crittografi mostrano oggi segni di forza. Questo si avvicina sulla scia di un’intensa debolezza che si è vista la scorsa settimana, durante la quale gli orsi del tempo hanno attaccato in più occasioni la regione di supporto da 9.900 a 10.000 dollari.

La forte difesa di questo livello ha aiutato i tori a gettare le basi per una mossa più alta, anche se hanno affrontato la resistenza a 10.500 dollari in alcune occasioni.

Questa resistenza da allora è andata in frantumi, e gli analisti stanno ora guardando verso una mossa significativamente più alta nel prossimo futuro.

Un trader sta specificamente indicando alcuni fattori tecnici che suggeriscono che BTC è ben posizionata per vedere un ulteriore rialzo.


Al momento in cui scriviamo, Bitcoin Profit è in crescita di poco meno del 3% al suo attuale prezzo di 10.630 dollari. Questo è all’incirca il prezzo al quale in precedenza aveva dovuto affrontare una forte pressione di vendita.

Un fattore che potrebbe aver perpetuato questo movimento rialzista più alto è stato un giorno verde nel mercato azionario statunitense, con tutti gli indici di riferimento che oggi, dopo una settimana di turbolenza, registrano alcuni guadagni notevoli.

Se le azioni iniziano a stabilizzarsi nel breve termine, c’è un’alta probabilità che BTC vedrà un ulteriore rialzo.


Mentre parlava delle attuali prospettive tecniche di Bitcoin, un analista ha indicato una rottura al di sopra di una linea di tendenza discendente, insieme ad un forte rimbalzo dal suo cruciale livello di supporto, come due fattori che possono rafforzare le sue prospettive a medio termine.

„Sembra relativamente promettente come: – Prezzo ‚rimbalzato‘ dal supporto cataclismico – Al di sopra della resistenza diagonale“, ha spiegato.

Come Bitcoin e il resto delle tendenze del mercato cripto nel prossimo futuro dipenderà probabilmente soprattutto dal mercato azionario.

Detto questo, una pausa sopra gli 11.000 dollari potrebbe essere tutto ciò che serve al crypto per innescare una tendenza al rialzo che gli permetta di fissare nuovi massimi annuali.

Analyse der langfristigen Ethereum-Preise

Analyse der langfristigen Ethereum-Preise

Wie Bitcoin zeigte Ethereum zum Zeitpunkt des Verfassens dieses Artikels keine große Stärke unter Käufern oder Bullen. Tatsächlich sah der Preis von ETH toppig aus. Nachdem er in weniger als zwei Wochen 6 bis 7 Mal auf die 420 $-Marke geklopft hatte, könnte ETH wieder darunter fallen.

Im täglichen Zeitrahmen zeigte der ETH-Kurs Anzeichen für ein sich möglicherweise verbreiterndes Keilmuster. Da der Trend vor diesem Muster zinsbullisch war, wird laut Bitcoin Trader der Ausbruch höchstwahrscheinlich rückläufig sein. Dies ist der erste mögliche Grund, warum der ETH-Kurs um 10-30% zurückgehen wird.

Ethereum 1-Tages-Chart

Die Ein-Tages-Grafik zeigteED eine sich möglicherweise verbreiternde Keilformation, die im Gange ist. Wie bereits erwähnt, war es jedoch noch zu früh, um dies zu sagen. Unter der Annahme, dass der Preis seinen Aufschwung nach oben abschließt, würde dies die Bildung eines sich verbreiternden Keils bestätigen. In diesem Fall wird der Preis auf $500 oder $490 steigen, was einem Anstieg von 17% gegenüber dem gegenwärtigen Niveau entspricht. Unterstützt wurde dies durch den Stochastischen RSI, der vor kurzem einen zinsbullischen Crossover verzeichnete.

Nach diesem Aufschwung wird der Kurs darauf vorbereitet sein, aus diesem Muster auszubrechen, ein Ausbruch, der rückläufig sein wird. Der Ausbruch wird den Kurs bis auf den 50-Tage-Gleitenden Durchschnitt [gelb] drücken. Dies wird eine Abwertung des ETH-Kurses um 15-20% bedeuten. Abhängig von der Stärke der Bären könnte der Preis von der 50-DMA [$375] auf die 100-DMA [rosa] bei $330 fallen.

Dies ist der erste bärische Fall für Ethereum. Der zweite Baisse-Fall tritt jedoch ein, wenn ETH nicht an die Spitze des potenziellen Verbreiterungskeils steigt. In diesem Fall wird sich der Kurs in Richtung des unteren Teils des Verbreiterungskeils bewegen; dies würde eine Kopf- und Schultermusterbildung bei Bitcoin Trader bedeuten. Da ein solcher Fall eine Formation an der Spitze des Trends beinhaltet, würde dies bedeuten, dass der Preis seine Richtung umkehrt.

In diesem Fall würde der Rückzug aus dem Halsbereich [$370] einen Rückgang um 8,3% auf die nächste unmittelbare Unterstützung bei $340 bedeuten. Wie bereits erwähnt, kann der Preis, je nachdem wie heftig die Bären sind, bis auf den 200-DMA [lila] bei $288 fallen.

Wie hervorgehoben wurde, schienen die Bären des Marktes auch Bitcoin in die Enge getrieben zu haben. In Anbetracht der Korrelation der ETH mit BTC wird ein Preisrückgang der ETH besiegelt, wenn BTC heftig abstürzt.